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About Us

“Evolution helped us find a mix our city council likes, trained our staff and keeps us updated on the latest developments in perviousAbout Us DRAFT_8.14.13 concrete.”Debbie Martisak PE City of Beaverton, Oregon.

Leaders in Fine Grain Pervious
Evolution Paving Resources is the national leader in architectural fine-grain pervious concrete pavements. Our hands-on training of installers using our products results in happy customers and repeat business.

Problem Prevention Services
Whether building a street, parking lot, city plaza, residential sidewalks, or driveways we demand qualified installers and supervised installations to make sure our customers are satisfied with the results.  We teach how to recognize problems before they happen and how to correct them before they become expensive headaches.

Research & Development Services
Pervious concrete has evolved extremely fast.  New low-cost products are now available to resist raveling, maintain moisture during installation, and reduce shrinkage and curling while making the mix tougher. Our lab research has helped develop products used in the United States, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.  After testing more than a dozen products both in our lab and on the job, we have become distributors of only the best products.  Products we found to be both cost effective and helpful in creating quality pervious mixes.

Pervious Equipment Experts
Our TRAILRider® slipform pavers have paved pathways in Texas, New Zealand, Oregon, and the San Francisco Bay area.  TrailRider® reduces labor costs by up to 80% while proving the finest pervious or standard concrete trail available.  Lura Lightning Strike screed is another favorite tool.  There are several quality screed systems but we chose Lura because their screeds have proven success and Lura guarantees a 30% increase in profit or they will buy back their system.

Support Services
We offer detailed specifications, technical support, and important qualification requirements for installers of pervious pavements. This is important because pervious is not just a pavement, it is stormwater management!  Our services include start-to-finish management support for design, pre-construction, construction supervision, quality assurance, installation certification, and acceptance testing for all pervious concrete applications.

Support for Concrete Suppliers
We also help concrete suppliers create a high quality pervious mix using local materials or we can provide you with our own unique mixes. We point out and control variables at the concrete supplier.  If the mix is right pervious concrete is very easy- it is just different.  If you know the difference you will love it. Our goal is to make pervious concrete simple and usable for every member of the project team.

Pervious Installer Training
Pervious concrete is easy to install.  However, it is different from standard concrete and if you don’t deal with the differences you may find yourself doing the job twice.  We offer on the job support.  Understanding how to recognize out of specification conditions including: site work, mix design, installation tools and process, is key to a successful project. We make sure your crew does not ignore out of specification conditions.  We teach installers to know when to fix something or stop the pour immediately to protect the quality of the finished product. Making pervious simple and usable is actually easier than doing it wrong.

Helping everyone in the process is what we are about.