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Slipform pavers

Evolution Paving Resources is a pervious concrete company dedicated to creating affordable concrete paving equipment that makes concrete contractors competitive. We custom manufacture equipment designed to pave standard or pervious concrete. Our technology is unique, but it’s also affordable… while our paving equipment may cost less than your car, our competitor’s equipment often costs more than your house!

Evolution TRAILrider® Slipform Paver

Slipform Paver

An Oregon dairyman needed a pavement to protect his valuable cows from injury on the way to and from the milking parlor. Asphalt was too slippery and would wash out in floods. A traditional stringline style slipform contractor bid the job with concrete, but the customer decided it was too expensive.

By using Evolution’s inexpensive TrailRider paver, concrete contractor, Marty Richter of Dallas, Oregon, was able to lower the cost enough to change the customer’s mind. Richter and his five man crew installed 2.7 miles of concrete trail eleven feet wide and five inches deep at a rate of nearly 20,000 square feet per day. They completed the entire 158,000 square feet of roadway by paving to the existing grade. As the screed cast a slip reducing texture into the surface, there was no set up or removal of forms and very little surface finishing.

Perfect for pervious concrete

Our TrailRider slipform paver is also eco-friendly. It has no motor, so it doesn’t burn gas, diesel, or electricity. The concrete delivery truck (or a backhoe or loader) tows the paver after the concrete has been unloaded in the hopper. It is fast, affordable, and provides a far better finished product than traditionally formed pavements.

Slipform Paver laying pathway

This paver effectively forms, places and finishes the concrete – plus it compacts pervious concrete 1/2″ so standard pervious concrete can be used to keep the cost low. The paver’s bolt-on sections offer adjustable widths between four feet and fifteen feet. Depth is adjustable from three to eight inches. Although some minor handwork is required, our TrailRider® greatly reduces labor, increases quality and makes both standard and pervious concrete jobs easier and more affordable.

The City of Cupertino wanted an alternative to asphalt and gravel and plastic grid systems for a nature park. They chose pervious because it is not made from petroleum products and is durable. But they also wanted it installed quickly so park users could quickly enjoy the new trail. The contractor used an Evolution TRAILrider® from Evolution Paving Resources to pave over 1200 feet of eight foot trail the first day and 1000 feet of ten foot pathways on the second day.

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