Support Services

Evolution offers support services to pavement designers, installers, and concrete suppliers to ensure pavement durability and reduced maintenance costs. Pervious pavement is easier to install than standard concrete if you understand what makes it work and how to avoid common (but expensive) mistakes. We proactively work with suppliers and installers to get them working as a team.

  • Essential installer and supplier qualifications
  • Details
  • How to avoid common, but expensive, mistakes
  • Critical site design information: Pavement Appearance Options
  • Mockup Requirements: Know what you are getting before you start
  • Pervious rule enforcement by qualified onsite supervision.
  • Owner’s Manual & Cleaning Guide
  • Warranty


Case Study, Powell, Wyoming 2010.

Task: Educate project team with no pervious background

Project: Powell Community Swimming Facility: Pervious Parking Lot Specified

With no experience in pervious and only horror stories of failed installations, the local installers and concrete suppliers bid extremely high. As the pervious consultant on the job, Evolution Pervious designed a mix from local aggregate and walked the supplier through the process. With an understanding of pervious and the differences between traditional concrete, the supplier amended the bid by over $85,000. Evolution then trained the installation crew on pervious application. The estimated 21 days of installation was complete in less than 7 working days. Evolution encouraged the teamwork between the supplier and the pervious contractor to help them create a beautiful and durable stream-safe pavement.



  • The city saved $85,000 on the price of the pervious concrete
  • The concrete supplier made a great profit and a great product
  • The installer saved 66% of the labor estimate


If your job needs mix design support, specification assistance, or onsite inspections we can help.