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Pervious Expertise

Owners and pavement designers

We offer the most thorough pervious concrete specification available anywhere. It essential installer and supplier qualifications are very specific to ensure the owner gets the very best product available. Pervious pavement is easier than standard concrete to install if you understand what makes it work and how to avoid common (but expensive) mistakes. We proactively work with suppliers and installers to get them working as a team.

Together we eliminate variables to make sure the job goes well for everyone. We recently saved a rural city over $85,000 by simply talking to local concrete supplier who initially was going to charge an extremely high price because they had heard horror stories about pervious. Once they understood the process and felt more comfortable they submitted a price that reflected the actual risk instead of the perceived risk. On the same job, the pervious installer estimated it would take 21 days to install the pavement. Even though it was their first job our teamwork approach allowed them to complete the job in less than 10 working days.

If your job needs mix design support, specification assistance, or onsite inspections we can help. If we are not in your area we can refer you to other pervious experts.

Pervious expertise, site design assistance, pervious specifications, onsite supervision by NRMCA Pervious Craftsman.