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Proven Stormwater Management

Federal Guidelines say to design with less impervious surfaces

The state is pushing rain gardens. But that takes up valuable space!  What if you don’t have the space?  Don’t give up your family’s yard. StreamSafe™ pervious concrete infiltrates without additional space.

  • StreamSafe™ by Evolution Pervious infiltrate better than grass.
  • Don’t waste impervious space! Make your pavements pervious.
  • Many Stormwater fees are based on impervious surfaces. Eliminate impervious area: let your drive way drain!

Fine-Grain pervious mixes deliver people friendly, highly permeable, easy to maintain concrete.

  • Zero Runoff
  • Mimics natural infiltration
  • Prevents erosion
  • Structural strength and durability
  • Does not count as impervious surface
  • More usable square footage available for buildings and parking
  • Reduces or eliminates most storm water infrastructure

Compliant with New Storm Water Regulation:

  • An EPA “Best Practices” product
  • EPA Clean Water Act compliant
  • Clean River Rewards compliant
  • LEED Points: solar reflectance criteria & onsite treatment

City of Portland: Pervious pavements are eligible for discounts through the “Clean River Rewards” Program, resulting in cost savings of up to 70%