Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance & Technical Support

  • Project owners need a variety of information to get the job done.
  • Our firm offers customers detailed specifications and total quality management support services for site design, pre-construction planning, and on-site inspection during construction.

This is to make sure you get the best pervious concrete stormwater management system available.

Pervious Permeability Calculator

Detailed Training is Essential

  • Pervious concrete is vastly different than standard concrete.
  • If you fail to compact the surface, or fail to cure it properly, the customer will not get the best performance.
  • That National Ready Mixed Concrete Association and American Concrete Institute created specifications and training procedures that have proven effective.
  • Evolution teaches practical ways to follow the rules and make money. 
  • We want your pavement to last a lifetime.
  • Properly designed pavements installed by experienced certified pervious contractors are the key to enjoying a resilient pervious pavement.

Who Do We Train?

Installers, government and public works agencies, engineers, architects, concrete suppliers, and others needing a thorough understanding of this remarkable, new low-impact pavement technology.