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Perfect for Pervious or Standard Concrete

Our TRAILrider® slipform paver is also eco-friendly.

  • This paver effectively forms, places and finishes the concrete
  • It has no motor, so it does not burn gas, diesel, or electricity.Bothman
  • The concrete delivery truck (or a backhoe or loader) tows the paver after the concrete has been unloaded into the hopper.
  • It is fast, affordable, and provides a far better finished product than traditionally formed pavements.
  • Unlike most slipform paving machines, TRAILrider® compacts pervious concrete.
  • The paver’s bolt-on sections offer adjustable widths between four feet and fifteen feet.
  • Depth is adjustable from three to eight inches.

Although some minor handwork is required, our TRAILrider® greatly reduces labor, increases quality and makes both standard and pervious concrete jobs easier and more affordable.

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Pervious: The City of Cupertino, California wanted an alternative to asphalt, gravel and plastic grid systems for a nature park. They chose pervious because it is durable, and it is not made from petroleum products. They also wanted it installed quickly so park users could enjoy the new trail as soon as possible.   A quick installation was made possible by the Evolution TRAILrider®, that easily paved more than 1,200 feet of eight-foot-wide trail the first day and 1,000 feet of ten-foot-wide pathways on the second pour.

Standard Concrete: Hogan Dairy paved 2.6 miles of cow lanes to reduce his $50,000 annual farrier bill.  He needed to use concrete because the trails flood every year. TRAILrider® slipform paving made concrete paving affordable.  Hogan estimated the pavement would pay for itself in five years.  That was more than 8 years ago. 

Downloadable Technical Library

TrailRider Slipform Paver 2014 * Operating Manual 2014 * Trailrider Update v2014 * Trailrider Towing Requirements * TrailRider Grade Touchup Screed (1) * TrailRider Features * Parts Call Out Photos

To inquire about slipform pavers, give us a call at 503-932-0157.