Salt & Deicer Resistant Sealer

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The Bean® Pervious Concrete Sealer

  • No VOC’s; meets environmental regulations
  • Concrete curing: Moisture loss in plastic concrete has been proven to be reduced from 3.1% to 1%, when applied topically.
  • Provides outstanding protection against the ravaging effects of commercial deicers and salts. 
  • Reduces the chance of shrinkage cracking.
  • Coverage area approx. 200 sq/ft per gallon.

(John T. Kevern PhD, LEED AP, Using Soybean Oil to Improve the Durability of Concrete Pavements, International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology, Vol. 3 No. 5, Sep. 2010, pp 280-285)

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The Jelly Bean® Pervious Concrete Stain

  • It’s fast, easy, concrete stain.
  • Can be sprayed or brushed for artistic detail
  • Economical
  • No toxic fumes/No VOC’s
  • Bright concrete colors  
  • Coverage area approx. 150 sq/ft per gallon.

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Bean Basic Colors.

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