Evolution Pervious offers the most thorough pervious concrete specification available anywhere. It covers essential installer and supplier qualifications that are essential to ensure pavement durability and reduced maintenance costs for the owner. Pervious pavement is easier to install than standard concrete if you understand what makes it work and how to avoid common (but expensive) mistakes. We proactively work with suppliers and installers to get them working as a team.

  • Essential installer and supplier qualifications
  • Details
  • How to avoid common, but expensive, mistakes
  • Critical site design information: Pavement Appearance Options
  • Mockup Requirements: Know what you are getting before you start
  • Team Qualifications: Designer, Supplier, Installer
  • Pervious rule enforcement by qualified onsite supervision.
  • Owner’s Manual & Cleaning Guide
  • Warranty

If your job needs mix design support, specification assistance, or onsite inspections we can help.