Self Cleaning Pervious

  • Self-cleaning: The product will resist most organic and inorganic pollutants  that gather on the surface causing discoloration.
  • Pollution–reducing: This product will also remove significant amounts of environmental pollutants deemed harmful to human health.
  • Photocatalytic: Reacts with sunlight to chemically oxidize  pollutants.

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Questions & Answers About Self Cleaning Pervious

1.) What is TX Active?

TX Active is cement with photocatalytic properties. Products containing TX Active are able to break down organic and inorganic pollutants and preserve the aesthetic quality of the finished products over time. TX Active, with its self-cleaning and nonpolluting properties, is the seal of quality for photoactive cementitious products.

2.) How does TX Active work? What is photocatalysis?

Photocatalysis is a natural phenomenon in which a substance, the photocatalytic principle, utilizes light to alter the speed of a chemical reaction. By taking advantage of the energy of light, the principle will accelerate the formation of strong oxidizing reagents which will result in the decomposition of organic and inorganic pollutants. These pollutants are responsible for gathering on the surface of concrete causing discoloration, as well as many health and environmental related issues.

3.) What pollutants does the use of TX Active reduce?

Cement-based products using TX Active will reduce pollutants associated with motor vehicle exhaust, heating exhaust, fuel combustion and other commercial and industrial processes. They include: Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulfur Oxides (Sox), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), and Particulate Matter (PM), among others.

4.) Will the TX Active ingredient be consumed or ever used up?

The principal ingredient is a catalyst that accelerates a natural oxidation process and is not consumed in the process. As long as the concrete remains intact and UV light can trigger the process the principle will remain indefinitely.

5.) Does using TX Active cements affect any of the plastic or hardened properties of the concrete?

If using the appropriate industry guidelines, the quality of concrete in both the plastic and hardened state should not be  jeopardized with the use of TX Active. Slump, air content, unit weight, set-time, workability, permeability, flexural strength, and compressive strength should yield similar results.

TX Active is expensive. Evolution Pervious composite paving dramatically reduces the cost of this environmentally helpful product by pouring thinner sections of TX Active treated pervious concrete pavements.