Problem Prevention Services

Quality Control is the key to having satisfied customers

Bad Pervious_Contrast

The contractor was not paid for this project. They broke every rule for pervious concrete: Out-of-spec. installation, concrete over 90 minutes old, outdated compaction equipment, and no surface curing.

  • Pervious concrete is easy, but different.  Clearly identifying the variables is critical. 
  • We provide you with checklists to prevent typical problems. 
  • Don’t treat previous like standard concrete; we help qualify your installers to do it right the first time.
  • We work with the entire team; pavement designers, sitework crews, pervious installers and maintenance crews. 

Scott Erickson, Oregon’s NRMCA-Certified Pervious Trainer, is a ready-mix concrete producer who branched out into the pervious concrete world in 2002.