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TrailRider® Slipform Paving System and Lura Lightning Strike® Screeds

The TrailRider® slipform paving system and Lura Lightning Strike® screeds make pervious easy!  There is no forming, no compaction – no hassles!  This equipment is easy to learn and fast to use, so the project is completed quickly.

In 2006, Evolution Paving Resources helped the City of Austin, Texas pave 15 miles of public access paths through Shoal Creek Park (pictured below). We trained staff from the City’s maintenance department on how to use pervious concrete and our unique paving machine. The project was a huge success: the City was able to pave 1,350 lineal feet of an 8 foot wide trail with pervious concrete in under eight hours on their first try.  Available for rent, call Scott Erickson at 503-932-0157

Austin, Texas Shoal Creek Park pervious path

Shoal Creek Park pervious path