Lightning Strike Pervious Roller Screed

Lura Screed Close Up
Productivity. Ease of Use. Versatility.Lighting Screed_Patented Aluminum Threaded Axle System

Evolution has seen all the screed systems. There are many good products but we distribute Lura Lightning Strike Screeds because they offer common sense components for successful flatwork pours. Lightning Strike’s unique and patented accessories allows contractor to configure screed to strike off projects that other roller screeds can’t do.View packages here!

The Lightning Strike is not your average screed. It is extremely easy to use and light to move. Fill it with water and it will out perform its competition every time.


Lightening Strike_FinalPatented Aluminum Threaded Axle System
Sections can be combined to create the ideal length and a variety of attachments can be easily added to further customize the unit.

Construction-Grade Aluminum Tubes
Offer rugged, durable design, yet an ideal weight-per-foot ratio. When filled with water, the tubes become the ideal compressive weight to achieve optimal compaction for pervious pours.

Lightweight Design
Allows easy two-man operation. Typical screeds are bulky, heavy and require multiple workers to operate, while the Lightning Strike is designed to reduce manpower and increase productivity.

Gas or Electric Motor
Provides powerful operation on both indoor and outdoor jobsites. Include a 50-cc Honda gas motor, or optional single- or dual-drive electric motor.

Easy Transport Capabilities
Designed to save space and go from jobsite to vehicle in a snap. The screed can be placed on the ladder rack of a pickup truck, freeing up room for additional equipment and supplies.

Center Pin Pivot
Perfect for circular pours. Simply attach to the threaded axle, adjust to height and pitch, and place in the middle of the pour for easy, one-man operation and ideal results on circular pours.

Low-Maintenance Design
Unbelievably easy to clean.  Wet: Run a hose on the tube, rub the tube with your glove while it is spinning.  Takes about 40 seconds.  Dry: Let the paste dry on the tube. Then do the same thing as with a hose, just don’t use water! Avoids issues with EPA washout regulations. How many guys and hours does your truss screed take to clean?

Need to pour a crown or a valley gutter?  Check out the CV joint and Truss systems.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Buy with confidence. Lura Enterprises engineers its products to meet or exceed the demands of everyday use.  All Lightning Strike motors and gears are backed by extensive one-year manufacturer’s warranties. An additional three-year extended warranty, covering all parts and labor for repairs resulting from manufacturer’s defects is an option.