Simple Admixtures That Work


HydroMax is a Super Absobent Polymer (SAP) that absorbs mix water during batching and effectively creates “Water Entrainment” by dispersing water reservoirs throughout the mix.

“The Most Cost Effective And Helpful Pervious Admixture We Have Tested” -Scott Erickson, NRMCA Pervious Craftsman

Water Entrainment

  • Provides benefits of saturated light weight aggregate without the hassles
  • Allows better hydration of typically dry pervious mixes
  • Captures and holds water within the mix, without effecting W/C Ratio
  • Eliminates need for water reducers and VMA
  • Does not require pre-mixing with water
  • Slowly releases water during the first seven days of curing
  • After curing, microscopic air voids are left in the paste, serving as protection from freeze thaw damage

Easier for Concrete Installers

  • Holds water in the mix  for less onsite adjustments
  • Easier discharge

Dump, Flush, & Mix

Easier for Concrete Suppliers

  • No water pre-mixing required
  • No liquid admixtures to inventory, or bucket into a load
  • HydroMax comes dry and absorbs water in your mix so it is light and easy to add

Improved Performance

  • Reduces raveling
  • Increased durability
  • Reduces shrinkage and curling
  • Improves strength
  • Avoids early age cracking

A study recently released by Purdue University on “Internal curing,” using saturated lightweight aggregate shows dramatic benefits in concrete.  Less shrinkage and curling, increased strengths. (From the 2010, Development of Internally Cured Concrete for Increased Service Life Study from Purdue University)

“HydroMax® internal curing admixture provides the benefits of internal curing without the hassle of saturated light weight aggregate.  A four pound canister of this dry product that looks like blue coffee grinds will treat an eight-yard load”.  -Scott Erickson

Downloadable Technical Library

  • HydroMax Benifits Poster

  • HydroMax Data Booklet EPR

  • HydroMax MSDS

  • HydroMax Applications

  • HydroMax Q and A

  • How to Use HydroMax


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